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It doesn’t matter what you’re going through we’ll buy your house fast. Find out how HERE.

We buy houses so you can avoid paying real estate agent fees, closing costs, and or rehab prices. We work with a team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals who are ready to help you move through this process quickly and easily. We can close most deals in as little as 10 days and have a solution for any problem you can think of.

You’re not going to have to worry about paying a commission or paying any fees that you would normally pay when you’re selling a house.

We buy houses in all sorts of situations.

  • Trying to avoid Foreclosure
  • You have inherited a worn out property
  • Going through Probate
  • Divorce
  • Being a Landlord is stressful
  • Maintenance costs are getting to high
  • Can’t keep up with the taxes
  • Lost a Job

How To Sell Your House

Sell my house Fast Springfield Oregon

Step 1:

Contact Us

We research the details of your home and start crafting you a great offer.

Sell my house fast Harrisburg Oregon

Step 2:

Get Your Offer

We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.

Marcola House Buyer

Step 3:

Get Paid

Get the cash you need now. We can close most transactions in as little as 10 days

We Buy All Types of Houses

We buy houses that range from 900 sq feet and over 100 years old or brand new mini mansions. We buy houses in every type and condition. The most important factor when we’re purchasing a house is the location. We may not be able to help every homeowner that calls us because we like to focus on very specific areas so we can provide a high level of service.

The areas we focus on most here in Oregon are Eugene, Springfield, Harrisburg, Corvallis, Sweet Home, Lebanon, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Albany, Junction City. You can find a more extensive list of the areas we service here.

We try to make the process as easy as possible. We will sit with you to explain every part of the transaction and walk you through how the process will work at different steps. As a former real estate agent i’ll provide the clarity and understanding you would normally get without all the cost and fees. We will make this experience as fast and easy as possible because we know you have a life to live after this house.

With that, when we get you an offer we will tailor it to you situation and take as much of the burden of moving and selling a house off of your shoulders as possible.

Will I Have To Pay Fee’s

Short answer is, no. We support real estate agents and they definitely provide a service to people who can afford them and want to have their houses marketed and broadcast far and wide but we don’t charge any fee’s or any commissions. In fact, we will usually try to figure out a way to pay most of your costs so you walk away with the most amount of money in your pocket.

My House Needs A Lot Of Repairs

If you’re thinking of selling your house but don’t want to invest the money to get it fixed up and updated that’s no problem. We have a crew of professional high quality craftsmen we use on our projects to help turn a house into a home. We buy houses no matter the condition.

Oregon House Buyer

I was in a tough spot with my property and I needed to find a solution fast without having to pay crazy fees and commissions. RJ Buys Houses was there for me when I needed to sell my house fast and they made it super easy.

Springfield OR House Buyer
Eric Bloom

Selling Your House Is Painless and Quick

There is no need to worry about a long drawn out and expensive process any more. When you’re looking to sell your house quickly and still get paid a fair price for it look no farther. RJ Buys Houses is a proven solution for your needs and we can provide you a quick fair offer and close when ever you would like.

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