How to Real Estate during the coronavirus outbreak – 3 steps to keep business going.

Step 1: Don’t Panic!

Real estate is largely a person to person business and we can’t stay quarantined in our hobbit holes for the next two months and expect to make a living, or sell a house, or buy a house. However, that doesn’t mean we need to go in public or in other people’s houses touching stuff and contaminating things or grandma either! We can definitely stay safe and keep other safe by operating with tech. You don’t even need to worry about putting pants on!

Step 2: Go Tech Go!

So you’ve taken a couple deep breaths, if you don’t have the coronavirus, and you’re looking to keep business moving. Maybe you still want to get your house sold and talk with your agent or the cash investor who has put the offer in on your house. Well that’s great! There are plenty of options to keep the face to face without all the risk of face to face. Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Gotomeeting, facebook etc. These are all great digital meeting places where we can still get that face time with the people we need to see but we don’t put ourselves or others at risk. They’re all free and are accessed with the tools we have in our pockets or sitting on our desks.

Step 3: Plan accordingly

So you might be saying that’s all fine and good but as an investor or as a buyer i want to see the property with my own eyes. You can’t really know what’s going on if you can’t see it clearly right? That’s fine! Plan with your seller a time where they might be out of the house, breaking quarantine you rebel you. We still have to shop and most of us are still working so there should be a time we can plan where we don’t have to have face to face contact and view a property. We need to be respectful and make sure we don’t infect their living space and also cautious we aren’t going into a place that may have been exposed. Wear some gloves, don’t lick any surfaces and ask them to crack a window before they leave.

With these 3 tips there should be no reason we can’t keep business moving and keep each other safe.

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