How The Process Works

Sell my house fast Eugene OregonContact us and tell us a little bit about your house.

  • Step 1: Contact us either through the website here or through our phone number (541) 632-3102
    • Submit your property info through the form online for the fastest offer response
    • If you have questions or concerns we’d love to hear from you in person. Our first goal is to make sure we can be of service to you and that we get you headed in the right direction

sell a house i inheritedIf we’re a fit we’ll schedule a time with you to come see the property.

  • Step 2: We’ll schedule a time to come out and see the property and talk a little bit about the next steps
    • This is the time we’ll talk about your needs and what you are looking to get from the process.
        • How quickly will you want the property sold
        • What price you’re looking to sell for
      • Things you’d like to keep or leave at the property
    • We get to work on everything we’ve discussed and depending on your needs start the process to buy the property.
    • We will make you an offer.

Finish the process and get you on your way.

  • Step 3: We get the paperwork started with a reputable title company and close the sale.
    • We only work with reputable tittle companies to make sure everything is above board and they professionally carry your through every step.
        • First American, Western Title, Cascade Title are all experienced industry leaders in the area.
        • Collect your check and carry on with your life.

How do we make offers and what price is your house worth?

We like to be as transparent as possible so our formula is.

ARV (Price the house is worth in “like new” condition) – Sales and Closing costs (because we pay all your fee’s) – Repairs – Profit (because it keeps the lights on) = Offer Price

ARV: After Repair Value or Market price of your house in “Like New” condition. We come up with this price by finding what “Like New” and similar homes on the market in your area are selling for. If Jane and John Dough sold a house next door that is similar to yours but newer and more updated to meet today’s standards, chances are that’s around the ARV of your property after we are done with it.

Sales and Closing Costs: These are the costs associated with buying the property and your costs associated with selling. The paperwork, the Escrow, The lawyer making sure everything is up to standard and we have a smooth safe transaction where we are getting what we pay for and you’re getting your cash quickly. Since we typically pay cash these costs are a lot lower then if you dealt with a traditional sale but still range from 3-7% of the sales price of your house.

Repairs: This ones pretty self explanatory but we take away the cost of repairs, to us, from the price. We’re able to get great prices through our contractors and will do a lot of the work ourselves to limit this expense for you and put more money back in your pockets. This includes all updating, material costs, and all permits and fees. 

Profit: This is a business and this is what pays to keep the lights on and food on the table. Our goal isn’t to make a living off one deal but rather to be a volume business that survives because it brings value and has a lot of clients. So, although, this is money we make off the deal we keep it to a minimum so as to keep more money in your pocket and make the transaction quicker. 

Offer Price: This is what we’re going to put down in numbers and can offer you in terms of cash. 

That all sounds nice but what does it mean?

Fair Cash Offer w/ a quick Close

Your House ($200,000) if it was in “like new condition with all the new updates and current market needs.

$200,000 – 7% (sales and closing costs) =  $186,000

$186,000 – Repair (because the house hasn’t been updated in 30 years and needs a new roof, heat pump, flooring, etc…) $50,000 = $136,000

$136,000 – Profit (because we haven’t made a dime yet and we have to keep the lights on) = $106,000

$106,000 is our cash offer and we close in a week where you can walk away never worrying again.


Selling with a real estate agent for most money

$200,000 – 10% because you’re selling the house with an agent so you get the most amount of money.

$180,000- repairs (you’re going to have to pay a contractor regular rates) so our 50k is your $65,000 (and hopefully they finish on time = $115,000

$115,000 is in your pocket instead of $106,000

Except now you’ve spent 3 months trying to sell it and 5 months waiting for the contractor to finish so you’ve made $37.50 a day extra by selling it with an agent for “more” money.

But Robert I can just sell it on my own using Zillow and save money.

You’re right you could. Except most agents wont bring a client to your property unless they’re going to make a commission. So you would still most likely need to pay a 3% commission and that switches the power to the brokers hands. They have what you need and you don’t have anyone protecting your interest. Historically agents can get you 1-2% more and if anything goes wrong with the sale they are on the legal hook not you. Selling yourself opens you up to a whole new can of worms and there are buyers who target For sale by owners to try and take advantage of this. You’re still going to have to pay a title and escrow fee regardless which will come out to about 3% and after all is said and done selling it by yourself saved you 1-2% Worth it? Your call.

See what we can offer you for your house…

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