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My name is Robert Jenkins or RJ as I’ve been known most of my life. I Graduated from Oregon State University and I’m a former Industrial Contractor/ Welder and currently serve with the Oregon National Guard Engineer Battalion out of Clackamas. So how did I end up going from being on fire and in the trenches of a blue collar job to real estate you ask? Well, they aren’t as different as you might think. You get to deal with people and do hard-work building things. Actually I started on the real estate path while looking in to retirement avenues about 10 years ago and just fell in love. It was a “side-hustle” for a while when I would go away for the military or for work and then I realized I could make a living from it.

When i’m not working I like to spend time outdoors fishing, hiking, and just taking in whatever Oregon has to offer. I’m working towards being a Warrant Officer (WO) in the National Guard for the Army Engineer Corp so I can expand my love for building things and making a difference in my community. 

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She is the style and the grace in the business. I’m great at knocking a wall down or tearing something up but she’s the one that makes it go back up and keeps it looking good. She does all the conceptualizing and designing for the business while also keeping me on my toes and the business moving forward. 

When she’s not keeping the business going and keeping me working like a dog she likes to rescue them. Dogs that is. She Volunteers at the local animal shelters and we foster older dogs that need a safe place to live their last couple months to experience love. She also teaches dance to the younger generation having danced professionally most of her life. 


Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do.

-Mark Suster


Core Values


We will always be straightforward and honest in all things


We will always do the right thing for YOU even when it costs us.


We serve our community and will always find the best solution for you.



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